History of The Park Church

Introduction (link to full history is below)

Prepared by Eva Taylor

This reprinting of the Park Church History is affectionately dedicated to Eva Taylor who died during its preparation. She served faithfully more than 30 years as the historian of our church.

With the assistance of

The Historical Records Committee

Jervis Langdon, Joseph W. Buck, Chairman, G. Wells Crandall, Carolyn Hall, and John F. Sterns


Revised and enlarged 1981


The source materials used in the preparation of this manuscript were the official records of the church, manuscript letters, printed sermons, the booklet published at the time of the Fiftieth Anniversary, and collections of clippings loaned by members of the church.

We are indebted to Miss Ida Langdon and Miss Mabel Haupt who reads parts of the manuscript and made many helpful suggestions, and to Mrs. Esther Johnson who typed and retyped the manuscript. Mrs. Leslie Chute and Mrs. Frederick West gave many helpful suggestions especially concerning the Chapter "We the people."

The committee will welcome suggestions and corections to be incorporated in any further revision that might be made.