Look inside the newly renovated sanctuary

Wait patiently for the movie to load (up to 2 minutes for modem users). Click and drag at the same time--to the right or left--on the movie window to rotate the panoramic. To tilt the movie click and drag up or down. If the panoramic is too dark, turn your monitor's control knob to increase the brightness. The movie's controller bar allows you to zoom in and out on an object (e.g the stain-glass windows) by placing the mouse pointer over the + and -- knobs and then holding down the mouse button. Be sure enable audio on your computer to hear the background music and fully enjoy your experience.

Click on each of the thumbnail images to see photographs of inside the sanctuary. When the photograph displays, click your browser's Back button to return to this page.

Outside the Church

Church Street view

Statue of TKB

Main Street View

After Renovation

Right Pulpit

Front of Sanctuary


Before Renovation

Sanctuary Front

Sanctuary Rear