Second Place East

The blue tub (in Beecher Hall) is to hold items for Second Place East

Please donate the following:

Winter 2019
  • January: New hairbrushes and combs for men and women
  • February: New towels and bed pillows
  • March: Laundry detergent
Fall 2018
  • December: New kitchen utensils: spoons, spatulas, etc. 
  • October: Shaving cream
  • NovemberDeodorant for either (or both) Men and/or Women
Spring - Summer 2018
  • September: New razors
  • August: Toilet paper
  • July: Dish detergent 
  • June: Multi-purpose cleaner
  • May: Paper products (towels & toilet paper), laundry soap, garbage bags and cleaning supplies
Winter 2018
  • February: bed pillows (new)
  • January: hair brushes and combs (new)
Fall 2017
  • September: razors
  • October: shaving cream
  • November: deodorant (men/women)
  • December: new cooking utensils (spoon, spatula..)