Outside Groups

This is FUn!!!!!

We are now nearly half-way through Lent, and I hope that you have found our worship with its focus on water to be challenging (in a helpful and spiritual way).  We’ve looked at the touch, taste, and look of water.  Many of us brought in various “treasures” having to with the theme; they are still in the parlors for another week, so please stop in and check out the talented people in the congregation!

This Sunday, Jenny Monroe and Rev. Gary McCaslin will explore the sound of water, and then, on March 22, Beth Frigard and I will consider the smell of water.  Then it’s Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and finally Easter. 

Meaningful worship takes a lot of input and planning, and we are fortunate to have a good team that meets on the second Saturday of each month to plan our activities.  We’re mostly using the Spill the Beans resource out of Scotland, with lots of great ideas.  Since our worship is only as good as the input we get, we’re always hoping to get new members to join us.  We meet this Saturday at 9:00 at my house, so please come.  (If you’re uncertain, consider the truth of Mark Twain’s quote in the meditation section.)