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Due February 22, 2023 "Christ Among Us" Art Contest

"Christ Among Us" Art Contest

Request for Proposals

Non-traditional Depictions of Christ

The Park Church is a member of the United Church of Christ in the Congregational tradition. Founded in 1846 by Abolitionists, it remains committed to matters of justice and witness. As part of that commitment, we are holding a contest for non-traditional depictions of Christ. The selected piece(s) will become a part of The Park Church's permanent collection.

Prize: $1,000

Materials Reimbursement: up to $500

Theme: Images of Jesus as a northern European have dominated Western culture for centuries. We are seeking images of “Christ” as a universal figure in keeping with the teaching in the Gospel traditionally attributed to Matthew 25:31-46, where “the least of these” are an embodiment of the holy. Christ might be found in women, the disabled, the gender-queer and same-sex loving, from any ethnic group or social status, including those struggling with addiction or chronically unsheltered.

For more information, contact

The selected work will be one piece or a series of pieces in a primarily two-dimensional medium appropriate for hanging on a wall. No video or multimedia submissions for the current contest please.

Proposals must include sketches, a description of the proposed work(s), and a curriculum vitae, as well as two to four references who can be contacted by telephone. At least one reference must be able to speak to the artist's ability to complete work on schedule.

As part of our commitment to equity, The Park Church Council will appoint a selection panel that includes representatives from historically under-represented groups and individuals from outside of The Park Church’s congregation.

The final work will become the property of The Park Church, which will have the right to display, loan, or sell the work, and to use the work in publications and promotional material.

Submissions must be received by noon on 22 February 2023:

  • Hand in to The Park Church, 208 West Gray Street, Elmira NY 14901 OR

  • Emailed to

Important Dates

  • 22 February 2023 at noon. Deadline for submissions.

  • 15 March 2023 at noon. Selected proposal will be announced.

  • 24 May 2023 at noon. Final work must be delivered to The Park Church (in gallery-ready condition).

  • 28 May 2023 at 10:00am. Unveiling and dedication of work during worship. (The artist is expected to attend.)


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