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Contribute to UCC Ukraine Relief

A second gift to benefit refugee aid in Ukraine will be sent on May 16th. If you wish to contribute, please send your check made payable to The Park Church, with the memo note "Ukraine relief”. Thanks to all who have supported our efforts in partnership with Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA). Here’s more from the Association…...

“Members of the United Church of Christ are joining the global community to respond to the events unfolding in Ukraine,” said the Rev. Karen Georgia Thompson, associate general minister, UCC Wider Church Ministries and Global Operations. ”We are praying earnestly for peace and for the hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the war. And, we are adding our resources to ensure that all can have access to safety and shelter as the fighting escalates.”

“We are also appealing to the United States government by way of an action alert,” Thompson added. “We hope the members of the UCC will sign, adding our voices to those who are advocating for all persons who are displaced.” The UCC’s advocacy office in Washington, D.C., is encouraging people through to...

  • Providing significant humanitarian assistance, both in terms of financial support and operational personnel.

  • Rebuilding a robust, well-resourced refugee program that can effectively process refugees from a variety of regions across the globe, including Ukraine.

  • Designating Ukraine for Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) or Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to protect Ukrainians already in the U.S.

  • Granting Special Student Relief (SSR) to allow eligible students from Ukraine to remain in the U.S. “We continue today, praying for Ukraine, for peace and for the many displaced people now on the move,” Thompson said. “We give thanks for the host countries providing refuge and for the humanitarian aid being made available.”


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