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The Park Church Panoramic Tour

Viewing tips

  • Click and hold mouse button down, drag in any direction to move the view.

  • To zoom in, press SHIFT.  To zoom out, press CTRL.

  • If your mouse has a wheel on it, rolling it forward or back may also zoom in and out. 

  • To advance a tour, click/tap on the Park Church icon that will float into view as you move around a panorama. 

  • Using the fullscreen option/toggle (F11) will maximize your viewing experience. 

  • Attention! If you click the Home icon, press CTRL-R (Windows) or CMD-R (Mac) to refresh the page

 Attention! If you click the Home icon, press CTRL-R (Windows) or CMD-R (Mac) to refresh the page


The Park Church is grateful to "Deetroit" Dave for creating several high-resolution panoramic photos of the Church's sanctuary and other rooms inside our historic building. Dave's virtual tour transitions through these panoramic videos, allowing visitors to "walk through" the Church, so close to reality!

🔵 Enjoy a gallery of Dave's panoramic photography

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