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Mission, Vision, and Statement of Faith

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to build and nurture our faith by worshipping God together, by actively welcoming all, by growing Christian understanding and acceptance of the diversity of God’s creation, and by sustaining one another in a community of caring people.


The Park Church works for social justice with a progressive pulpit and a caring congregation in a landmark structure. We are an active and hopeful partner in Elmira’s renaissance.


Updated by the Congregation, May 2021.

Front entrance of The Park Church, United Church of Christ, Open and Affirming

Statement of Faith


The Statement of Faith adopted in 1992 by the Church is set forth as follows:


We affirm our need and dependence on God.


We believe that God's love for the world is demonstrated in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and that through Him we have eternal life.


We acknowledge the graceful and healing work of the Holy Spirit within our community. As children of God, we seek to follow God's call and to share our journeys with one another.


We look to the Old and New Testaments for instruction, inspiration, and spiritual guidance.


We observe the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper as outward, corporate expressions of faith.


We commit ourselves to Christ's mission of peace and justice through service to our local and world communities.


We believe in the importance of seeking knowledge, wisdom, and faith through study of the Scriptures, prayer, education, and the free exchange of information and ideas.


We practice the congregational form of governance as the means through which individual conscience is expressed and decisions are made concerning the life of The Park Church.

Double stained glass window inside the sanctuary
Inside the sanctuary showing the skylight
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