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Group photo of Park Church members in front of Church entrance
  • How has The Park Church changed my life? I grew up in the Methodist Church and was a very active member until I came out in 1989. I was virtually ex-communicated, thrown into a spiritual abyss and became anti-church until 2009 when my friendship with Mimi Gridley led me to The Park Church. I immediately became acquainted with so many wonderful people who knew a lot about my past trials and tribulations. I was welcomed with love, friendship, understanding and total acceptance. There are so many reasons The Park Church is such a huge part of my life, but it all started with God’s Grace and the non-judgmental love given to me by this congregation.


  • Park Church has challenged me to be better than I am…


  • It has made me more aware of how I can be helpful to others thru the community kitchen, care of the parish, buddy list, folks in nursing homes, assisted living homes, or folks in their own homes. Cross Currents and weekly email all so helpful.


  • I made a lot of friends. I feel wanted. Also, I know God’s love.


  • Having grown up in a very fundamentalist background, I had “deconstructed” before I came to Park Church. Park didn’t make that change for me. But they have helped me to grow in an unfundamentalist way.


  • It has brought me closer to God, revived my spiritual life, and made me part of a loving community.


  • The bell choir is what touched me when I arrived back to Elmira after 38 years. They were playing that Sunday and when I asked someone “How do you learn to play those bells?’” I was directed to Mary Jane. “Are you Mary Jane?” I asked. “Yes, what can I do for you?” There were a half a dozen people waiting to talk to her. Someone wanted a bicycle. She told them to wait and after coffee, she would bring one up that had been donated to the rummage sale. When it was my turn, I asked “How do you learn to play the bells?” “Do you read music?” she inquired. I hadn’t thought of that, but, “I did play the piano, so once upon a time I could read music.” She laughed. “Show up on Tuesday at 1:00. You learn by ringing, by doing it.” I returned to my coffee amused. Yes, so like life – we learn to live by ringing it in, by doing it. The Bell Choir bells -– I play D, E, and E flat –- have been for me the most wonderful experience in all ways.


  • I find here inspiration, some wonderful people to emulate, a chance to worship as best I can.


  • I wanted a personal connection to others with a strong spiritual nature. And I wanted them to see that in me.


  • For an hour of peaceful contemplation, good company, new ideas.


  • The Park Church is a very tolerant community, living up to the messages and commands of Jesus.


  • The inviting, embracing, creative, varied, compassionate community that is growing there in Spirit and appreciating/enhancing the surrounding area

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