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December 5, 2022 - Climate Justice Letter to Governor Hochul

A Note From The Climate Justice Team

On December 5, 2022 the Climate Justice Team signed The Park Church on to a letter to Governor Hochul. The letter expresses our commitment to a rapid transition off fossil fuels. Also, in the letter we urge Governor Hochul to put New York on the path to electrify 90% of buildings by 2050 while prioritizing the most vulnerable communities for healthy, affordable housing and energy, as well as good, green jobs. Building electrification, or building decarbonization, is the shift from burning fossil fuels to using electricity for heating, cooking and other building functions. The goal is for buildings to be powered by solar, wind and other sources of zero-carbon electricity. Currently, building operations are responsible for 31% of energy-related CO2 emissions in the U.S. 2 This is a major reason why electrification of homes and businesses is an important aspect of transitioning off fossil fuels. Other benefits of electrification include energy efficiency, lower operating costs, improved indoor air quality, and enhanced safety. 1. U.S. Green Building Council; "Building Electrification: Why It Matters," Holowka, Taryn; July 29, 2022. 2. United States Environmental Protection Agency, "Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions," August 5, 2022.


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