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February 26, 2023 - Phoenix Affirmation #2

What: Phoenix Affirmations Discussion Series led by The Rev. Gary Brinn

When: Last Sunday of each month in 2023 (after Coffee Hour or approximately 11:15 am)

Where: Beecher Hall, The Park Church

Join us for a monthly series of 12 sessions on being a progressive congregation, one per month from January through December 2023. The Rev. Gary Brinn will lead us in discussion about how we can live into the Phoenix Affirmations, or the twelve points of being a progressive congregation. Sessions will be held on the last Sunday of each month in Beecher Hall after coffee hour.

Affirmation #2

Listening for God’s Word which comes through daily prayer and meditation, through studying the ancient testimonies which we call Scripture, and through attending to God’s present activity in the world;

As Christians, we listen for God’s Word in the living presence of the Holy Spirit, praying every day, and discerning God’s present activity in our world. We also study and revere the ancient records which we call Scripture, recognizing that they have been formed within distinct historical and cultural contexts, yet have been informed by God’s Spirit, which transcends all ages and times. Most of all we seek the meaning of salvation, of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection as it is presented in the Scriptures and discerned in daily life.

We affirm that the Path of Jesus is found where Christ’s followers engage in daily prayer and meditation, as well as personal and community study and interpretation of Scripture, as central ways God’s continuing voice is discerned in everyday life.

We confess that we have moved away from Christ’s Path when we have claimed that God’s Word is restricted to that which may be contained in a written document, or that either the recording of God’s Word in Scripture, or our interpretation of it, are infallible. Further, we have moved away from the Path when we have allowed the mere fact of Scripture’s fallibility, or our own, to dissuade us from seeking God’s Word in Scripture, prayer, and reflection on daily life.


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