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May 30 - Honor Legacy of John W Jones

A Memorial Day special event to honor the legacy of abolitionist John W. Jones will be held in Elmira’s Woodlawn Cemetery at 11 AM on Monday, May 30th.

The ceremony will feature a performance of Negro Spirituals by the Dorothy Cotton Jubilee Singers at the grave site of Mr. Jones. All are invited to attend. A parking lot located just southwest of the Walnut Street gate can be used. Then you can walk in.

On the way in you will pass by a black stone monument listing the names of the Black and white abolitionists who worked together with Mr. Jones to secure safe passage to Canada for over 800 formerly enslaved persons. Many of these “Underground Railroad” volunteers were also founding members of The Park Church. This remembrance event had been delayed for two years due to the pandemic.

Cover image credit: CC 3.0 license (share and provide attribution)


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