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November 26, 2023 - Phoenix Affirmation #11

What: Phoenix Affirmations Discussion Series led by The Rev. Gary Brinn

When: Last Sunday of each month in 2023 (after Coffee Hour or approximately 11:15 am)

Where: Beecher Hall, The Park Church

Join us for a monthly series of 12 sessions on being a progressive congregation, one per month from January through December 2023. The Rev. Gary Brinn will lead us in discussion about how we can live into the Phoenix Affirmations, or the twelve points of being a progressive congregation. Sessions will be held on the last Sunday of each month in Beecher Hall after coffee hour.

Attention! Phoenix Affirmation 12 has been rescheduled from December to January 7, 2024

Affirmation #11

Affirmation 11: Caring for our bodies, and insisting on taking time to enjoy the benefits of prayer, reflection, worship and recreation in addition to work;

As Christians, we strive to embrace and embody ways of living that promote the health of the body, the joy of living, and the benefits attained when work is combined with rest and recreation, reflection and prayer. We do this for our sake, for the sake of others, for the sake of the earth, and for the sake of Christ.

We affirm that the Path of Jesus is found where Christ’s followers care for their bodies as temples of the holy, and take time to pray and play, to worship, and to reflect, as essential parts of their vocation.

We confess that we have moved away from this Path when we have supported the ethics of Pharaoh over the ethics of God by promoting systems of production and consumption without attending to the disciplines of rest and recreation, reflection and prayer. We have further moved from the Path when we have denigrated or abused our bodies, or those of others, or denied the rights and responsibilities of others to make decisions about how they care for the bodies God gave them.


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