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September 18, 2022 - Faiths and Migrants: The Role of Ithaca Welcomes Refugees

Southern Tier Interfaith Coalition (STIC) Invites you to its 2022 Annual Meeting

Sunday, September 18, 2022 @ 2:30 P.M.

at The Park Church, 208 Gray St., Elmira, NY 14901

It is a hybrid program; click below to

“He is not a believer who eats his fill whilst his neighbor beside him goes hungry.”

(Prophet Muhammad (صلياللهعليهوسلم) in Bukhari)

Keynote Speaker

Dr. S. Zeeshan Rizvi(IWR)

Dr. S. Zeeshan Rizvi – an Engineer by profession, working full-time at Corning Inc. – leads the Organization Development and Volunteer Onboarding at Ithaca Welcomes Refugees, Inc., (IWR) which is an Ithaca based nonprofit organization.

IWR works with State Department designated resettlement agencies to help migrants and refugees in the area settle and integrate into our communities.

At IWR, Dr. Rizvi mainly is responsible for recruiting and training volunteers and connecting them with the different functional teams within the organization so their skillsets can be best utilized to benefit the arriving families.

Ithaca Welcomes Refugees is a proud member of Welcoming America.


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