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Religious Education



The Nursery is located on the second floor and is open to children up to pre-K age. It is run by a team of women from our congregation who take turns volunteering their time to care for the children.  Each caregiver will remain in the nursery until 10:10 and if no one appears with a child she will go to the sanctuary and be seated in the second pew closest to the door to Beecher Hall.  If you arrive late, just come into the sanctuary and we will help you.


If you choose to stay in the sanctuary with your child, please note that we have provided a rocking chair for an adult and some items (crayons, paper, bean bags) to occupy a restless child. If, during worship, your child needs to go to the nursery just bring him to the caregiver and we will take over.


Sunday School


Sunday School is for children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade. On regular Sundays, children leave worship after Time for Children of All Ages and walk to their classroom with their teachers. On long-weekend Sundays, usually with a Monday holiday, fewer children come to church. On those days, Sunday School classes will not meet. Instead, children in grades K – 2 may go to the nursery to play; older children will remain in the sanctuary. 


Confirmation Class


Confirmation is for students in grades 6 and above. The purpose of a confirmation class is to educate students about what it means to be a member of The Park Church and The United Church of Christ and prepare them for joining the Church. If you are interested, please contact the Church Office ( or 733-9104).

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