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Climate Justice - The Heat Will Kill You First ...

Several of us are reading this book which explains how heat actually kills people. Scary. The emphasis is not on rising sea levels or dramatic storms, but on how heat itself affects people and the planet now and over millennia.

Two stunning facts from the first page, entitled “Heat Index”:

  1. 250,000 -- Annual worldwide deaths from firearms

  2. 489,000 -- Annual worldwide deaths from extreme heat

Almost twice as many of us die from heat than from gun violence -- homicide, suicide, war. (“Only 10% of mortality from firearms occurs in conflict situations,” according to the 2021 article cited.)

Author Goodell’s attention to detail in scientific explanations, history, and geography is matched by the drama of his story telling, giving us anecdotes illustrative of each phenomenon he describes.

Ways to say good-by to plastic, especially single-use plastic

  • Store and freeze foods in glass – Pyrex containers (now have wooden lids); mayonnaise jars, etc.

  • Choose glass over plastic when buying olive oil, juices, etc.

  • Buy milk in glass bottles (Byrne Dairy)

  • Freeze cookies in those plastic rectangles that hold (ironically) organic lettuce

  • Freeze homemade bread in linen bags. (Will let you know how this works.)

Donna Homuth, Climate Justice Team


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